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Want to learn how to get yourself unstuck?

Do you want to shake things up?

Do have a secret heartfelt desire to do something different?

Would you love to live with greater authenticity and purpose?

Not sure where to begin?



Discovery to Destiny


it really helps to start with a process! 

In this video training series you will learn a

Discover your personal strengths and how use them to your advantage 

Tap into your imagination and creativity to develop a vision of the ideal future

Turn possibilities into reality with the right resources and opportunities

Get strategies to maintain your motivation to get more of what you want out of life


Oh hello
I'm Kelly

I'm a psychologist and Mum-preneur!

I'm passionate about using psychology to help people flourish (not just overcome mental health issues). Sometimes we all feel a bit lost - stuck in the daily grind and not sure where we are going.

Our wellbeing has gone down the toilet, and everyone else seems to have that Insta-good life.

But when it comes to the challenge of stepping into our own power and greatness,

I hear so many people telling themselves "I hate change!"

I teach people HOW TO STOP KEEPING THEMSELVES SMALL with these limiting beliefs

and GIVE THEMSELVES PERMISSION to go after their wildest dreams!

Change is a normal and natural part of life - maybe you've had some bad experiences or

you just let fear take the wheel - whatever the case may be,

you deserve to live your dream life and feel confident while doing so.

This training is for people who don't know where to start when it comes to making meaningful, positive and sustainable changes in their lives: personal or professional.



  • 10+ practical bite-sized video trainings

  • Simple mindset prompts and activities you can start using straight away

  • 12-month access so you can keep coming back to the training for your personal & professional development

  • Optional add-on coaching

  • BONUS “Breakthrough with resonance” training

This positive psychology process has helped big organizations such as Apple and the United Nations achieve greatness! A radical alternative to problem-solving your life away.


This training guides you through the 4 phase process so you can develop the mindset and practical strategies to be able to move forward in life... on your own terms.

Registrations are open now

and you can join me on this journey for AUD $99

When you join, you will receive:

DISCLAIMER: This training is not intended for assessment, diagnosis and/or treatment of existing or emerging mental health conditions.

This training may not be for you if you are pre-treatment or currently undergoing clinical treatment for a mental health condition.

This is a non-clinical self-reflective training program. It aims is to provide general information, guidance, tips, and strategies based on positive psychology to promote personal development and wellbeing. Add-on coaching only available by interview and mutual agreement that this would be an appropriate option for you. 


Interested but have some questions?

Send me an email, and I'll personally get back to you -

Or see how my mind works!

I'd love for you to be a part of my D2D crew anyway by joining my fortnightly mail out where I download my latest insights and what's inspiring me (books, podcasts, youTube videos),

gift you free resources (PDFs, audios, templates) and share some stories to make you smile! 

you are worthy x

you can
connect with
me here

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