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Our Psychology appointments can be facilitated in a number of ways for your convenience. Currently, the Medicare Better Access program is providing a rebate for all of these services until June 30th 2021.


In terms of our appointments, we respect your time by being on time. Usually your first appointment is best done face-to-face and is primarily focused on getting to know you, your unique situation and establishing some therapeutic goals.


Each session lasts for approximately 50 minutes.

You are warmly welcomed in our rooms. We have office amenities, with plenty of community parking nearby free-of-charge.

Whilst Telehealth is preferred, sometimes you may not have access to an appropriate device or the internet. In these circumstances your session may still be able to be conducted via telephone (except for initial appointments).

Telehealth has been proven to be just as effective as face-to-face sessions. You can be still participate in your sessions if you are unwell at home, in the comfort of your car, or the privacy of an office. You just click on the email link that is sent to your inbox and you will enter a video-conference with your psychologist. It is helpful to have headphones, a drink of water, notepad and some tissues handy.

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