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Our Services

Our Psychology appointments are all facilitated via Telehealth.

The global pandemic has created an opportunity for us to focus on this format of service delivery and it is now our preferred way of connecting with you. Furthermore, research demonstrates that treatment outcomes from online therapy are equivalent to those achieved via face-to-face therapy.      

Our initial contact with you will be a phone call where we will inform you about our services and requirements. Upon booking an appointment, we send you a Welcome email with online forms to be completed. You will receive a reminder text and email 2 days prior to your appointment, including a video link will allow you to enter your online appointment with our Psychologist at the scheduled time. You do not need to pre-install any software, although it is recommended that you download the latest browser update for your computer or device before your session.

Your first appointment is focused on getting to know you, your unique situation and establishing some therapeutic goals. Each session lasts for approximately 50 minutes and payment is made via secure direct debit from your nominated credit/bank card.

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Telehealth Etiquette

Telehealth has transformed the landscape of health service delivery. You can be still participate in your sessions with the comfort and convenience of being at home, in your car, or at the office.

You just click on the email link that is sent to your inbox and you will enter a video call with your psychologist.

It is helpful to have headphones, a drink of water, notepad and some tissues handy.

Here are some more tips to ensure you get the most out of your session:

Booking Appointments

Following your initial appointment, we recommend that you book a block of appointments (up to 6 or the number of appointments stated on your referral)  to ensure you secure your preferred day / time of your appointment.  

Appointments are usually scheduled on the hour. 

Get Your Free Therapy Journal

I've created The Therapy Journal

100 pages to help you prepare for therapy, outline your problems, set your goals, keep track of your appointments, session notes and reflections. 

Also includes a self care checklist + I am worthy poster 

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