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Worthy Psychology

Life can be challenging and even overwhelming at times! It can also be a continuous journey of learning and growth. Our private practice provides a safe and supportive environment for this to take place.

We recognise that you are the expert on your issues and our psychologist is able to guide you through a process of self reflection and change using evidence-based therapies.

We believe in your innate worth and that you deserve to be living your best life!

Our Philosophy

Warmth  |  Everyone feels valued and experiences a warm, collaborative journey with us.

Worthiness  |  We believe in your innate worth, and that you deserve to be living your best life.

Non-Judgement  |  We maintain a non-judgemental space for you to come as you are.

Integrity  |  We are ethical, honest and our actions align with our words.

Gratitude  |  We are grateful for the opportunity to spend this time and do this work with you.

Growth  |  We are passionate about and committed to your growth, as well as our own.

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