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the therapy journal

It's been super exciting to develop this free resource for you to get the most out of your therapy journey.

Our 100 page journal is available in PDF,

sent directly to your inbox.

When you invest your precious time, energy and finance into working on your mental health, it can be helpful to take your own notes.

This journal allows you the space to record your thoughts, feelings, goals, breakthroughs, reflections... 

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Your Journal has been lovingly curated & includes:

A pre-therapy checklist

Tips on preparing for therapy 

Problem outline template

Goal setting for therapy

Identifying your support team

Appointment record

Personalized mood scale & tracker

Quarterly mood chart

Journal tips & prompts

Session content record

Scribbles & Visuals pages

(since most of us are visual learners)

Reflections pages

Books to read & resources

Self care Ideas

Mental health maintenance planning page

You are worthy! poster

We hope you find value & meaning in these pages... 

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Journal 4.png
Journal 2.png
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