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Are you struggling with issues related to low mood, worry, stress, trauma, or other major life challenges? There comes a time when we need some help from a professional to cope.

Our mission is to support as many people as possible in our community to feel worthy of the best possible version of their life.

You don't have to be alone in your journey. It is our privilege to be able to walk alongside you on the pathway to achieving this. Hit the button below to Meet our Team and get in touch.

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 Our Services


Life can be challenging and even overwhelming at times!

It can also be a continuous journey of learning and growth. Our private practice provides a safe and supportive environment for this to take place.

We recognise that you are the expert on your issues and our psychologists are able to guide you through a process of self reflection and change using evidence-based therapies.

We believe in your innate worth and that you deserve to be living your best life!

Pink Velvet

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